Twelve Years of Momma Love and Determination

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40 poignant real stories of motherhoodAbout a year ago, I met Ali Smith, a mother, author and photographer. I’m not quite sure how we met–whether it was just an online coincidence or through someone, but I couldn’t believe she’d been working on a book for 12 years. Very few of us have the fortitude to stick with anything that long particularly as a working mother.

“Momma Love–How The Mother Half Lives” is a poignant journey of 40 stories and photos of women questioning social norms surrounding motherhood.

Gloria Steinem says “Ali Smith has given us a gift with Momma Love: a fresh, eye-opening manifestation of motherhood’s contemporary realities.”

Ali said, “Mothers are made to feel that if their parenting experience isn’t all soft focus moments of bliss and fulfillment, they’re doing something wrong. But as any mother may admit in private, motherhood is a really hard job. It’s a 24-hour-a-day, unpaid job for which mothers receive varying degrees of support from partners, employers, lawmakers and society at large.

In the media, mothers tend to be sanctified or vilified. There isn’t a lot of honest reflection on the daily motherhood experience as most women are living it. The 40 women whose portraits and deeply personal and moving stories are featured in Momma Love tell all!”

A mother’s determination in the face of adversity

Ali’s book, “Momma Love,” is completed and ready to be published just in time for Mother’s Day. BUT the publisher went out of business and took Ali’s money with them. Arghh!

After 12 years of effort, Ali is determined to bring her book to fruition and has started a Kickstarter campaign. She has the help of MomsRising.Org, the support of Gloria Steinem and has launched a Kickstarter campaign. But Ali is only one third of the way to her goal with 10 days left. If she is going to be fully funded, Momma Love needs your help. The Momma Love campaign on Kickstarter can be found here. You can give as little as $1. Pre-sales of the book at a special discounted price are also available, as are larger rewards like private photo sessions with Ali who has been a celebrity and commercial portrait photographer for over a decade.

If you need family portraits, or professional headshot, this is a terrific way to support Ali and her book.

Ali is also “Taking Momma Love to The Streets” and is shooting family portraits on Staten Island for the people who lost everything in Hurricane Sandy on April 6th.

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