Twitter is Shaking Some New Tail Feathers

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twitter-backgroundTwitter was always my favorite social channel right from the beginning. But it has lost a lot of what I  love–like conversation. And I’m not alone. So many of my blogger friends miss the old Twitter. Well, now we’re in for more new changes whether we like it or not.

So for all of you naysayers who were predicting Twitter’s demise, stay tuned for more from the crafty bird who has been recruiting employees from Google and YouTube and partnering to innovate the platform.

A brand new look with great features
Imagine the bigger the engagement of a particular tweet, the larger it will appear on Twitter. Not huge, but slightly larger making it easier to discover it.

Taking a page out of Pinterest, you will be able to pin a tweet to the top of your page. Strategically selected, it can highlight what you’re all about for your followers.

Added filters will allow you to customize your view: see just tweets, tweets with photos/videos or tweets with replies.

Twitter will leverage social “ratings”
Twitter has been integrating more and more with TV shows and special events like Oscars, Olympics and more so it’s no surprise that they are going into partnership with Nielsen. It was just a matter of time as more and more shows incorporate Twitter as a part of “social viewing” and voting.

Ready to sync your American Express card to a Twitter hashtag?
If you sync your Amex to Twitter, you’ll be able to use hashtags to make in-stream purchases. I’m not so sure this will be a quick adoption, but American Express is partnering with Twitter to experiment with ecommerce.  You simply check Twitter for special Amex hashtag offers. Tweet the offer, which will load it to your synced card. You then shop for the item and after the purchase you will get a credit on your statement. Security issues abound with this concept in my mind. I’ll leave the early adoption of this to braver folks.

In partnership with Billboard to amp music
Artists have some of the biggest lists of followers on Twitter so it’s no surprise that Twitter will be launching a partnership with @Billboard and @Twitter Music to amplify new music and artists and the conversation around them to create Billboard Twitter Real-Time Charts.

CNN will be using data to gather news and information from Twitter.
Many think of Twitter as a news outlet and often Twitter is the often first to break news as average people on the scene upload video, photos and conversation as the event unfolds. CNN, along with Dataminr, will leverage unique algorithms to scan and identify appropriate content that helps them beat the competition to the punch.

The bird is feathering its nest for the long haul.
Many have predicted Twitter’s demise, but if these changes are any indication, Twitter is marching to ahead, determined to change perceptions and monetize the platform. Will the flock of loyal users stay who used to look to Twitter as a great place to make connections and converse? That is yet to be determined.


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