TwitterMoms creates an innovative “Mom Likes This” seal of approval on brand packaging.
















Imagine the Mom blog world, already one of the most coveted targets for marketers, getting together and being able to influence brands to put their equivalent of a Good Housekeeping Seal on packaging at the store. Moms trust what other Moms think more that what any piece of advertising or brand says. So just imagine being able to get that trusted recommendation right at the moment of purchase.

Well that’s just what TwitterMoms along with Proctor & Gamble and Quickie Manufacturing are trying to do by placing the ratings on the packaging in the form of QR codes.

The customer feedback will come from a representative group of Moms made up from the over 30,000 members of TwitterMoms. Criteria for getting the “Moms Like This” seal will be set to provide unbiased point of views on products.

It is an interesting and innovative idea and shows the power Moms hold when they can affect a brand’s packaging. Marketing agencies for years have tried to influence packaging with little success due to the costs associated with it.

Together these companies hope this will help brands avoid the Mom blogger flack around pay-for-reviews although TwitterMoms gets paid by the brand and in turn pays the Mom panelists to review. There may not be repercussions around brands, however, I do think Moms who are not on Twitter will be up in arms as this avenue could potentially cut out a source of revenue for them. For many Moms, these reviews are what allow them to work from home and take care of children. And TwitterMoms, while a large organization, is only a small representation of the Mom-osphere.

And are Moms ready for QR codes? Time will tell. The first product out will be a mop.

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