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We’ve used Uber Car service a couple of times including getting us all to the company holiday party this year–taxis are impossible to find during the holidays. You simply sign up and download their mobile app and with ease can order a car. We made our car requests at the last minute so I was pleasantly surprised we were able to get cars.

But it’s the not car service and that you flag one down with the touch of a button on your mobile app what makes Uber unique is how they use social media, popular culture and give back to the communities they are in.

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The minute the email landed in my in-box, I wanted to participate in the Uber SLEIGH so I talked my co-workers at Collective Bias into it. What is UberSleigh? It’s a holiday social good campaign from Uber. “Uber is a technology company that was created with the aim of evolving the transportation industry by creating efficient, reliable, simple, safe, convenient options for individuals to get a ride. This year, we wanted to to use our resources to give back to our communities through UberSLEIGH,” said Sasha Valle, Community Manager at Uber. All companies needed to do was sign up and agreed to have at least 20 unwrapped toys for children under 3 and Uber would pick them up and deliver them using their fleet of cars.

Twelve cities participated in UberSLEIGH and about 150 companies donated in NYC. You can see a list here. Their non-profit partner, Room to Grow, estimates that about 50,000 toys and baby items were donated. And they shared content on their Twitter and Instagram all along the way. And the program was much bigger than anticipated, “Our goal was 4,000 items and we received about 50,000!” Sasha replied.

This is not the first time Uber has given back to the community, they’ve done other campaigns been UberTREE where they partnered with Home Depot to deliver Christmas trees, UberKittens where they partnered with meme site Cheezburger and a local animal shelters in honor of National Cat Day to bring kittens for simply a snuggle or to own and UberIceCream, my favorite as I’m an ice cream addict, where you could have an ice cream party for you and your friends brought right to your door.

Uber has totally changed the face of car service!

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