Under Armour’s New Campaign Honors and Motivates the Female Athlete


Under Armour wants you to show off your sweaty best inner athlete.

After finding this new campaign Under Armour has launched to honor and motivate the female athlete, I went to the gym and did way too many lunges. So I guess my pain is a testament to the success of the idea of the “What’s Beautiful” campaign.

We reached out to Under Amour get a better idea of the thinking behind the beauty of sweat and were invited to ask questions and see the new line.

The campaign was actually inspired through conversation with women. In the spring Under Armour’s goal was to build a “fitness Facebook” social network and create conversation and sharing under the “What is Beautiful” campaign.  The campaign ran for nine weeks and garnered over 300 million impressions.

This fall they launched the next phase of the campaign “What’s Beautiful Is To Sweat Every Day.” This “social community” challenges and celebrates the woman willing to work and to show off her sweat.

Sweat has traditionally been thought of as unfeminine–never thought of as a beautiful thing. But sweat truly is beautiful, it…

• helps keep the skin soft and pliant; sweating keeps your skin active.

• improves circulation and your metabolism.

• strengthens the immune system by generating more white blood cells.

• contains a natural antibiotic known as Dermcidin which can help kill bacteria, including E. coli   and Staphylococcus aureus, on the skin’s surface.

• rids the body of wastes.

• warms up your body and helps with stress relief while exercising.

Sweat goes hand-in-hand with showing off your muscles, your strength, and your determination.

If you are up to the “What’s Beautiful Is To Sweat Every Day” challenge, you better get started now because you only have till November 6th to document your best efforts for a chance to make the top 20 finalists. The finalists will then compete for the winning 10 spots. Those spots will net them a trip to Florida to train with the Under Armour elite trainers. If you’re a gym rat like me, this is a tantalizing challenge. At the very least, you can win one of the bags of UA gear they are giving away every week.

Follow the campaign on Facebook or Twitter.

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