Valentine’s Day is an opportunity for brands to show Moms some love!












Social media has changed consumer’s relationships with brands. Brands and consumers are now able to communicate on a human level. And nothing is more focused on relationships than Valentine’s Day. So what a great opportunity for brands to connect with women and Moms and show some love for them and the world they live in.

It’s not too late. You can still be a Tweetheart. Schedule your love for your customers by sending them new reasons for loving your brand. You can set it all up in advance to automatically tweet. Be sure to include hashtags: Your one-stop #V-Day #shop! Receive #FreeShipping, #FreeCard. And be sure to intersperse the messages with just helpful tips. It shouldn’t be all sales driven or she will think it’s spam.

Take a look at what others are doing.

• The Sweethearts iPhone app allows you to share personalized Sweethearts candies via Twitter—you can create, order and share Sweethearts with creative and special messages.

• Target is splitting $1 million across five different charities that support educational programming. The online community can decide how those funds are allocated by sending cute, interactive Valentine’s Day cards. If you go to and click on the Super Love Sender tab, you can start the process of sending a JibJab-like, NFL- and Valentine-themed greeting card. Before you start creating the card, you can choose from one of five charities that you think should get the most money.

• Joe On The Move is a Operation Valentines Connection campaign to raise $50,000 to provide free 5-minute phone cards to thousands of soldiers, so they can call their loved ones.

• is a social community focused on love and romance. To enter, simply become a fan on Facebook and submit an entry via their promotions tab or sign up for a free membership at One grand prize winner will be selected to receive a $200 Vistoria’s Secret gift certificate. What could be more fitting for Valentine’s Day?

• is giving away 5 limousine rides for the perfect Valentine’s Day date. To enter to win, follow @OpenTable on Twitter and watch out for their giveaway tweet of the day. Tweet back your reply and stay tuned. One limousine is being be awarded to one entrant, chosen at random, for five straight days. Winners will be announced the following day on Twitter.

• American Greetings is hosting a “Follow the Love,” contest which includes daily questions to be answered by Tweeps. A winning tweet will be selected daily (until February 12th) to win a $100 gift card to American Greetings and a $250 cash gift card. After the contest ends on February 12th, one grand prize winner will win $1000.

Just be sure to keep your social media relationship going beyond Valentine’s Day, then your customers will really love you.

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