Weight Watchers launches new video series for cooking with kids.


One of the topics high on Mom’s list and in the chatter on Twitter is what to feed their child, dealing with picky eaters and getting kids to eat healthier. With this series, Weight Watchers joins Michelle Obama with her fight against childhood obesity, Food Revolution with Jamie Oliver and one could consider Chef Dan and McDonald’s with healthier salads, milk, vegetable and fruit choices for kids.

Weight Watchers has launched the first online “Cooking with Kids” video series to teach kids early the importance of good eating habits. They enlisted renowned chef Lidia Bastianich and chocolatier Jacques Torres. Yum! They teach kids where food is harvested, the culture behind the food and the difference between fresh and processed food.

The series features three kids of Weight Watcher Moms: Editor in Chief, Theresa DiMasa and Lis Chernick, Executive Food Editor making everything from pasta to black bean brownies.

The videos are very well done. Just the right amount of Weight Watchers branding and beneath the videos are recipe and instructions. But there are no social sharing functions for the videos. No “likes”. No comment sections. It’s a missed opportunity of a topic high on many Moms lists for social sharing. And if you are interested in viewing more, they have not shown the audience clearly where to find the rest of the series.

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