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It’s really amazing when you think about it. Marketing to Moms and women in general is the hottest topic today on television, the news, in blogs, on Twitter and just about everywhere you go.

Topics range from our buying power, the way we are dynamically changing the world around us, who we are, how we are using technology, the shifting of roles between males and females to the collective strength and the power we hold to affect change. Power Moms, women between the ages of 24 and 54, make up 20% of the active internet population.* Tech-savvy Moms who are not intimidated by technology and rarely leave their homes without their cell phones and are driving the onslaught of mobile applications being built to help them manage and multi-task busy lives

And women are using social media tools in unprecedented numbers.

When it comes to sites like Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, FriendFeed, MySpace and Bebo, women outnumber men. Women are building their networks, using their voice and their natural tendency to share to gain knowledge, to network, to get advice, share advice, make recommendations and empower decisions. Through social media, we are raising awareness and raising funds for cause near and dear to us. And by utilizing social media, women are supporting themselves, starting up, growing businesses and much more.

And every company is working hard to reach us, to learn what makes us tick in order to use our tremendous influence for their brands. But you know what is really amazing? The very people that are creating most of the communications that target women are for the most part men. The fact is that only 3% of creative directors today are women.

Having spent a number of years creating campaigns and programs, launching new products and channels for companies marketing to women, I thought it was time to share my point of view and the things I’ve learned over the years.  So this blog is dedicated everything about marketing to Moms and women.

It’s time for Mom-entumTM.

* Nielsen

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