What can we learn from the 1,161,816+ Crock Pot Girls on Facebook?













Crock pots have been around forever. I remember my mom whipping hers out every once in a while when I was a kid. But who knew crock pots were still such a hit? On Facebook, there is a community of crock pot lovers called Crock Pot Girls and it’s growing like mad. I watched it grow by over 20,000 followers in just the last couple of days. Why is it growing so fast and what can we learn from crock pots and the Girls?

Keep things simple. Crock pots are alive and living in America. Moms are busy and of course, there’s soccer, football and back to school. Throw some ingredients in a pot and leave it for hours to cook while you stay on top of the rest of your families to do list. Applies to social media as well, keep things simple and moms will embrace your campaign.

Find a passion point. These ladies love their crock pots. It’s a passion. Don’t just talk about your products, service and maybe some current events on your social channels. Find out what your audience is passionate about. Passion fuels dialogue and dialogue fuels community growth.

Share tips and tricks. All over the Crock Pot Girls Facebook page are tips and answers to questions that have been posted. Crock Pot Girls is growing because it’s a place where everyone is helping and learning from each other

It’s all about content. In the case of the Crock Pot Girls, the community is creating content and adding recipes and tips constantly. You can get someone to “like” your page, but how do you get someone to come back? Content.

I don’t know about all of you, but I’m thinking about checking out some crock pots and joining the over 1,161,816+ fans.

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