What Do You Think About Disposable Social Media?

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I recently discovered that Snapchat was created by a couple of Stamford undergrads as disposable social media. It’s a new trend in social media. Other forms of disposable media are Blink, a text and photo disposable media mobile platform and Facebook Poke. Snapchat posts disappear almost as quickly as they appear–within five to 10 seconds. What’s the point of posting a photo only to have it disappear? Social media is about posting, sharing and hoping others will share what you have put up, right?

My daughter is a rabid user of Snapchat and tried valiantly to coerce me to use it. I downloaded the app initially because I never wanted to be called old-fashioned by my kids, but I never did get around to trying it and eventually I deleted the app. I have enough just managing a blog, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and myriad other channels.

But it’s no wonder it’s the rage with millennials. They can post what adults might consider inappropriate images and have them magically erased seconds later. I shudder to think what mine might have shared. Despite what they might think Snapchat doesn’t guarantee the posts are gone forever. And what if someone screens caps the image before it disappears? Not good.

But what if you could select which posts you want to be permanent?
What if you could select posts you wanted to self-destruct after a designated period of time? You could curate what you wanted to be evergreen and eliminate the rest.

There millions of pieces of content being put up every day. We are burying ourselves in content. It’s becoming harder and harder to sift through and find what you want. Aggregator tools and sites are cropping up all over the web to curate content in an effort to make finding the information a whole lot easier. Disposable content, dated like the food in your refrigerator, could be designated for self-destruction thereby keeping humanity from clogging the Internet.

So are you ready for disposable social media?

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