What does it take to make it as an A-List Mom blogger in the big Brand world?


It’s reported that Dooce, Heather Armstrong, makes over a million dollars a year. Many other Moms I’ve talked with have created magazines, ecommerce sites, written books and more. It’s hard to find a place where Moms are not being spokespeople, reviewing products or sitting on panels. The marketing world has wholeheartedly embraced the power of the social media Mom.

1. Go to blog events.
The brands are there and so are other women and the opportunity to make connections. Brands look for women with powerful social graphs. They are an excellent place to learn from others.

2. Create meet ups in your area.
Get out and meet the other Moms online. Those connections will turn into new connections. Take the opportunity to ask questions and learn.

3. Take a course in writing.
Hone your skills. One of the reasons Dooce is where she is is because of her sense of humor.

4. Consider some media training. We live in the world of video content. On camera presence and personality will be important. Can you handle a live event with a camera on you?

5. Include video content on your blog. Show that you have a camera presence.

6. Put the time in. Growing your social graph takes an investment. You need to build relationships. That means tweeting and posting on a regular basis and that’s often hard whether you’re a stay at home Mom or a working Mom.

7. Make sure your blog looks professional.
The saying dress for success also applies to your blog and your twitter page.

8. Guest blog for other Moms and reach out to publications. Everyone is looking for content. It’s a great way to grow your influence.

9. Have a business card and resume always at hand.
Again make it memorable. Years ago I had a client tell me to make her new business brochure big and read. When I asked her why she said, “So it will stand out in the midst of all the other proposals on the desk.”

10. Consider standing for something and being consistent.
Over time you will become known for it. Take a passion and build on it.

11. Don’t be afraid to do a little blatant self-promotion both online and offline.
Make sure the “About” yourself section of your blog does you justice. Don’t be afraid to do a little tooting of your own horn.

12. Analyze some of the top Mom sites.
Look at what they’ve done. Use the web to elicit feedback on your site and to ask members of your social graph for recommendations of stirs they like. Also look at how brands are leveraging Moms. What kind of content are they creating with Mom?

Just know it’s going to take hard work and dedication and to make it as an A-List Mom you’re going to have to treat it like a business. And it’s going to take perseverance. Dooce has been blogging/vlogging for almost 10 years now.

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