What If There Was Another Way to Experience Pregnancy?

Sleeping baby girl

This question arose to in me during the tender and powerful time of my pregnancy. I wondered if I might take an approach different than the one our culture expects pregnant women to assume. Instead of continuing on as usual, as if I were not a growing, moving, living miracle, I wondered if I could slow down and fully participate in this mystery of life.

My daughter kindled my courage to step out of the script. She called me to be awake, putting me in touch with my creative power and my inherent wisdom. For much of my life, I’d relied on the rules so that I could follow them and get it right. But now, my daughter presented me with an opportunity to return to who I’d always been—a wild, divine creature. Life can be lived another way. Thanks to my daughter I began to experience it for myself.

Her birth, being the craziest cocktail of love, trust, doubt, and pain, served to magnify this full-body experience of life. With my mind surrendered, I was all of those things and none of those things, I remained completely in my body and out of my body, witnessing a power and capability beyond belief. I was connected to it all.

I was wide awake.

And then all I wanted was to sleep. Here was this beautiful newborn, continuing to call me to be awake, but this time in the most uncomfortable of ways. Not a sleeper at all, Elle had a unique way about her, over and over again teaching me to surrender to the moment, just like at her birth. Life could be lived another way. Less rigid, more yielding.

That was hard. That was really hard for someone like me, who was used to setting and achieving goals, controlling outcomes, and answering to a mind that constantly said, “I can figure this out, this is how it should be.”

Where we find challenge is where we find our opportunities for healing and learning. Our children are our greatest teachers for this! In my book, A Child’s Way: Slowing Down For Goodness Sake, co-written with my mother, Sharon Elliott, we consider the possibility that our children choose us for these growth opportunities. We always think of helping our children reach their potential but what if they too help us to reach ours?

Evidence of this swirls around me as more and more of us realize the potential of the global mother. Motherhood is recognized as a tie that binds many of the key global issues and goals together. Mothers affect everything now from technology to social good. We know we are powerful in our homes, and now, with our children asking us, “What if there is another way?” we are extending our power into the world where all the children are ours to care for.

About Carrie:

Carrie Lee Ferguson is a mother, writer, doula and a BOLD Method birth facilitator. She supports what is emerging in the world, furthering global awareness by creating new perspectives and connecting mind with heart.  She is the co-author of A Child’s Way: Slowing Down for Goodness Sake. Visit her blog at www.carrieleeferguson.com


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