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What is a Social Media Mom really worth? Has anyone quantified it from a dollar perspective? I haven’t seen any my numbers myself. I see one white paper after another talking about Mom and her smart phones, her computer time, her blogs– her everything. But no one has put a number to it her actual monetary value.

Everyone knows the value of Mom: she’s connected, she’s vocal and she’s enthusiastic when she loves your brand. We know she drives business and influences other Moms on so many levels. We know how many Moms are on Facebook and how many are on Twitter. We know she represents $2.1 trillion market. And according to eMarketer, 32.3 million moms will go online at least once a month this year. And by the year 2014, eMarketer predicts that 93% of Moms will be online. That’s almost every Mom in the U.S and that’s incredible.

So let’s look at Facebook alone.

Right now there are 500 million users of Facebook. About 55% are women. As of late June they were racking up an incredible 500 million minutes of usage a month. It’s up to 700 million now. The average user creates 90 pieces of content each month, and that is only the average user. This is a number I find amazing particularly when you compare it to the fact that the average user only has 130 friends for whom they are creating the content. (And women/Moms are not average users by any means.)

There’s also data from lucid marketing and Lisa Finn that found only 10% of Moms were on Facebook for looking up brands, but 96.3% of the Moms surveyed using Facebook for keeping in touch with friends/family.

This is what lucid and Lisa found:

• 75% are Facebook fans of at least one company or brand
• 16% of Mom Facebook users followed more than 10 companies’ fan pages
• 59.9% of Moms feel neutral about Facebook ads, while 36% actively dislike them
• Their favorite pages focus on parenting info, and pages focused on coupons, restaurants, groceries and entertainment

So then compare it to Syncapse research that came out in June as well. While they didn’t cast it against Moms in particular, they looked across twenty brands and the fans reported spending, on average, $71.84 per year more than people who were not fans. So Facebook fans are more valuable customers and spend more on average than do non-fans. All in all, this study netted out the average value of a fan at $136.38. But remember, according to Facebook, the average user is a fan of only 2 pages.

So how much more valuable is a Moms if she is considered to not your average consumer?

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