What is a twitter party and why do moms love them?

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I get asked quite often, “What is a twitter party?” The word party seems to throw everyone off as they think party means real-world, get in a room with a bunch of friends with a drink in hand, loud music you can’t talk over, kind of party. Twitter parties are virtual.

Amy Lupold Bair, aka Resourceful Mommy, invented Twitter parties back in 2008, to introduce women to different sites. Today they are used to launch new products and gather women around important causes/events/topics.

A twitter party starts with a theme like any party and a host or co-hosts. The parties are mostly one hour in length although I was recently a co-host in a three-hour party. The party is given a hashtag for everyone to follow with the host setting up a tweet grid for the event for everyone to follow the conversation. Typically prizes are randomly given away either every ten minutes or awarded for correct answers during the course of the party.

Why do moms love them?

1. Twitter parties are girl time.
Motherhood is isolating. It’s often hard to find time for friends when juggling motherhood and a job. So Twitter parties give women an hour to meet up with friends they’ve met virtually or IRL and have girl talk. And an hour fits their busy lives.

2. Moms don’t have to get dressed up and leave your house.
You can join a twitter party from the comfort of your own home. A glass of wine in hand, sweats and a laptop and you’re all set.

3. Twitter parties are for learning and sharing information.
Twitter parties can be everything from celebrations to informational and helpful events. And anything that can help a woman be a better mom, neighbor and global citizen is greatly appreciated.

4. Moms like being able to party with celebrities.
More and more Twitter parties, have a celebrity participating. Moms are thrilled when a celebrity tweets or retweets them. And having a celebrity involved helps to drive up the engagement.

5. Moms love to win prizes.
Moms also love Twitter parties because of the prizes. Everyone loves to win.

6. Twitter parties help build a mom’s social graph.
Twitter parties helps moms meet new people and make connections around a shared passion point. And because of the volume of conversation, it also helps build her Klout score.

Just remember not all Twitter parties are created equal. There is an art to picking the theme and keeping the dialogue going and interesting. Choosing the right hosts and co-hosts are also critical and the celebrity component and prizes add to the party’s success. And remember everything is subject to FTC scrutiny and legal copy is required to cover off eligibility and prizing.

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