What Is It With Mom Parody Videos?


Yes, there’s no better target than mom for the brunt of pranks and jokes. Your mama jokes abound on the internet. And every mom knows their kids love to make fun of them. My daughter loves to wait till I fall asleep and then wake me by scaring the crap out of me while capturing it on video, which she then posts on Snapchat. In fact, when I went to visit her at her sorority house, I was greeted by a gaggle of young women all yelling, “OMG, it’s the Snapchat Mom.” As the brunt of her pranks, I became instafamous on campus. So much so that when I got lost in a sea of 25,000 people coming after the Dome post the graduation ceremony and asked a random student “how do I get out of here and back to the Tridelt sorority house a student said, “Oh, you’re Kara’s mom, I’ve seen you on Snapchat.”

But if you think making fun of mom is hilarious, no one makes more fun of moms than mom influencers on YouTube. Do you know what parody videos are? Parody videos take popular music tracks and change the lyrics. A quick search on YouTube will surface a cadre of parody mom videos. Even some churches are getting into the act and using parody videos. Influencers like Deva Dalporto of MyLifeSuckers can amass a huge following through parody videos. Deva has almost 128,000 followers, 119 videos that have garnered 35.7 million views.

What do you think? Do you like parody videos?

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