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What is the value of a Mom blogger or Twitter user? Is a big community like Circle of Moms with over 1,403,303 active Moms and 3,000+ sub communities of more value to a brand? Or Café Mom? Or are the hundreds of Moms who have homegrown blogs and personally know many of their subscribers of more value? Every brand is clamoring to have to have millions of followers or fans, but the point isn’t the numbers. It’s the relationships. The power is in the advocates and evangelists, not in the numbers. Sure numbers look good on paper, but in the end do they really mean anything other than numbers?

Last weekend I had a marathon phone conversation with Lucretia Pruitt. Lucretia is a well-known social media pundit, tech guru and Mom of an 8 year old and was formerly know as Geek Mommy (Almost sounds like Prince.) She now writes at The Social Joint. When I asked Lucretia what was of more value, she likened my question to “Do you throw one large stone in the water or do you throw hundreds of stones and watch the ripple effect?”

So then I turned to Twitter and polled my Twitter following. I asked how many of their followers do they actually converse with. The highest answer I got was 20%, but the average was about 10%. So for 1,000 followers that is only 100 people. But those 10-20% are close relationships, not just passing tweets.

So is the smaller Social Media Mom of more value because she has closer relationships with her audience? What do the Moms have to say?

Candice Derickx aka SeeMummyJuggle, blogger for the YummyMummyClub says,

“Brands need to think “one relationship at a time. There are some who look for influencers, large numbers of followers, Klout scores, etc., and that’s wrong. Engage everyone as if you didn’t know their Klout scores. Social media is a very fickle place and a person’s status can rise and fall very quickly. That person you ignore today could be a major influencer tomorrow. The Golden Rule applies in social media as well.”

Kathleen Semp @keilave and whose blog www.ketilave.com said,

“I believe to be truly effective in social media you have to engage your fans/followers. Hence the “social” in social media. I don’t believe it’s about having a ‘close’ relationship, but instead the opportunity to engage. To ask questions and feel confident you will get a response. I appreciate social media referrals that may not have 1000’s of followers, but can lead me to engaged. Brands that WANT to have a relationship with their consumer. Bloggers/Tweeters/FB Fans may open doors, but the Brand has to have the relationship.

For me this leads to a second, and fundamental, question for Brands – are you cultivating brand loyalty? You may offer 1000s of followers a deal. But how many are going to come back? How many are going to help promote your Brand?

For both bloggers and Brands – is this about immediate numbers or the ability to stick around? Any road will take you there if you don’t know where you are going. “

And what did Leslie Espowe of Lucky Ducky Baby have to say?

“Moms blog and Moms read blogs. I believe companies should REALLY pay attention to the “Social Media Moms”! I know when I read a bad review from a blog or on Twitter not to buy the product, and if it’s a good review, I know I can trust it! That might take awhile to get through to the corporate world! But…. There are several “Brands” I knew nothing about until I found them on Twitter, and now they are some of my favorites!!!

And about having a personal relationship with your followers…… I do interact with LOTS of my followers on Twitter, but I have a more personal relationship with my Facebook fans. I know which fans have babies (Even some of their names!) and where many of my fans live. I’m sure the people with 2,000,000 followers can’t keep up with everybody though! I do LOVE when companies like Huggies and BornFree that ask questions about parenting or how your weekend was! It makes them seem more personal!! Every time I reply, they always follow up! It make me feel like I can trust those brands. This whole “Mommy Blogger” or “Social Media Mom” stuff is starting to catch on! We may take over the WORLD!…..one follower at a time.”

So what is the value of a blogger? The secret is all in the engagement. It doesn’t matter how large or small the community, it is all in how you engage with Mom. And if you engage with her in a meaningful way, it’s invaluable.

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