What Level Are You? Insights for Getting Where You Want.


ID-10089079We all work for recognition and at the very least promotions. They are validation of our efforts and signals to our co-workers that we are valued contributors to the companies we work for. And let’s not forget with those promotions, the added financials gains those often bring.

But have you ever stopped to think of the attributes that equate with different levels within most organizations and then worked to bring those attributes to bear when it comes to your career?

As a member of the Network of Executive Women, you have access to incredible insight and mentoring and the following is an example of the information and guidance you can get as part of their membership.

Entry level:
Are you a valuable contributor? What kind of marks would you get from co-workers for your ability to be a great team player? Do you have special talents that you can use to start building your personal brand? And those special talents can help make you the go-to-person, which help you get to the next level. Couple these with positivity and a can-do attitude and you’re sure to get that coveted next promotion.

Mid level:
This level is often the hardest for organizations to find so there is usually lots of opportunity for mid-level people.  At this level, companies look for strategists- people who aren’t just executing but are thinking about their day-to-day job but thinking ahead. At this level you need to be an innovator–even of it is just small change. Change agents are invaluable as competition is fierce for companies so this character trait is important.

Mid level positions are positions where you are supervising others. Are you a people motivator? Can you inspire others? And at the same time be the project leader overseeing the details and making sure projects are executed flawlessly and on time? If a project falls off the rails can you be the turnaround architect that rights it all? And of course, you should also be well on your way as subject matter expert in this position.

Senior level:
To get here you need to be visionary and a thought leader both internally and outward facing. Today this means contributing content to publications, speaking on behalf of your company and plenty of networking. And whether it falls under your job description or not, companies seek senior people who are rainmakers. It doesn’t mean necessarily working as a sales person but using your thought leadership and networking to open doors for the sales team. A charismatic leader usually leads this position. Their confidence motivates others around them-not an easy achievement if you are not a natural born leader.

So what will you do to get to the next level?


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