What Return Are You Getting on Your Relationships?


Ted Rubin, Return on Relationships“You never know where a relationship will take you,” said Ted Rubin, Chief Social Marketing Officer of CollectiveBias, a social shopper media company.

This is so true. I met Ted maybe four years ago when he was still the CMO of e.l.f. cosmetics. It all began when Eliza Freud, CEO of SheSpeaks said we should meet (I unfortunately don’t remember who introduced me to Eliza). Ted showed up with e.l.f. cosmetics for me and my daughter, making himself instantly memorable and revealing a bit about his character. He obviously had done some homework before the meeting.

When we met it was at the beginning of my journey into social media and the world of the social media moms. Over the past few years, Ted has introduced me to so many moms and influencers, guided my missteps, applauded my victories, and supported my efforts as MOMentum grew and evolved. He is living proof of the power and value of relationships.

Well Ted has finally written his first book with Kathryn Rose, consultant, author, and social media expert. The new book is called, “Return on Relationship.”

Return on Relationship explains that social media and technology have blown up traditional marketing. Social media has impacted everything from media spending, to the structure of marketing departments, to customer service, to product development, and everything in between.

Brands still face social media with some trepidation because it’s a two-way communication medium. They fear shifting away from the old one-way “convince and convert” thinking and moving more in the direction of “converse and convert” to be successful on social channels. Between the loss of control, and the uncertainty of how to develop their voice, content creation, and measurement of engagement, social media has marketers either in a tailspin or embracing it wholeheartedly.

For a great starting point to figuring out how to get the best return on your relationships, Rubin suggests ask yourself these questions

  Responsiveness: How responsive are you in your communications? Are your responses to inquiries, suggestions, and kudos getting as much attention as complaints do?

•  Thought Leadership: How innovative are your ideas? Are you content to say what’s already been said, or do you share your unique insights to provide real value to your audience?

•  Content Creation: Are you just re-using the other guy’s information, or are you creating new content, in new ways, that your audience can USE and re-use on your behalf.

•  Relevance: Do you pay enough attention to your audience to know and provide what is relevant to them?

•  Demeanor: How do you come across to your audience? Are your interactions friendly, helpful, gracious, and authentic, or do they suggest you are tired, annoyed, or not being genuine?

So how did you do on answering the questions? I bet you didn’t have all the answers, right? Well there are more thoughtful questions as well as the answers and directions to take in Return on Relationship. Even though the book is written for brands, its content remains relevant for today’s Networked Mom or anyone who is working on building their own personal brand through social media. Because of my “relationship” with Ted, I was able to get an advance copy, but you can pre-order yours on Amazon.

Ted Rubin is the Chief Social Marketing Officer of CollectiveBias, a Social Shopper Media Company. He is a leading social marketing strategist and in March 2009 started using and evangelizing the term ROR, Return on Relationship™. Ted is also the most followed CMO on Twitter according to Social Media Marketing Magazine. ROR is the basis of his philosophy…It’s All About Relationships! Connect with Ted… TedRubin.com or @TedRubin.

Kathryn Rose is an award-winning, best-selling author, speaker, and social media strategist and trainer with clients ranging from multimillion dollar corporations, to small business owners and entrepreneurs. Nominated for the 2012 Small Business Influencer Award, Kathryn is also the CEO and co-founder of the Social Buzz Club the world’s first online marketing collaboration network for bloggers, social media professionals and small business owners. Connect with Kathryn @katkrose or katroseconsulting.com.


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