What will you do with the hours you’ll save doing laundry?






















I hate doing laundry. I could be like thousands of New Yorkers and drop it off to be cleaned, folded and returned, but as much as I hate it, I’m very particular about how it’s done. It would be a dream come true, if I could save hours on laundry. How crazy is this? Researchers at the University of Michigan report that moms spend about 17 hours a week on housework with an additional 224 hours a year on washing and folding clothes. Oh, what I could do with the time if I could cut those laundry hours alone down.

This is exactly the thought behind the LG Electronics new Facebook campaign titled, “Less mess, more life.” And they’re out to show moms how much time they could save with the new Turbo Wash Technology. I took the quiz and it told me I could have saved 104 hours on laundry if I had their new washer. So I entered the sweepstakes to win a new washer/dryer valued at $3,000. $3,000 for a washer/dryer in this down economy?

However, there are a missed opportunities.

• The quiz. We love quizzes, but this one for seeing how many hours you could save had no social sharing functions. Moms would probably send a tweet announcing the number of hours they saved. Better yet. I could see a lot of dialogue if a discussion was started on what they would have done with the saved hours.

• The Sharon videos. We love to watch video, but not if it’s contrived and obvious advertising such as these. Brands still don’t seem to get it that commercials are rarely social content. Why no user generated videos? Moms love to talk about laundry. I know crazy, eh?

• Want to learn more? Well, be prepared to be taken from Facebook. Providing some basic information within Facebook would have been a better user experience.

I never win anything, but what do I have to lose. It was pretty simple so they get at least one check mark for getting one thing right on the “I know how to market to moms” front.

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