What Will You Give On #GivingTuesday?


This year in particular I feel the need to give back. I want to be a nicer human being. I want to be kinder. There is just way too much negativity in the world right now. And it makes me sad; as I’m sure it does you.

If there is one thing I’ve learned over the years is that negativity just creates more negativity. And we don’t need that. Second, I’ve learned it’s not the big things that make a difference it’s the little things. So what if the world all got together and did a million little things? I have to imagine the world with a big grin if only for a day.  And I have to hope it could become something addictive.

Tomorrow is #GivingTuesday.

Giving Tuesday is a global movement that was started a few years ago by the UN and a few organizations. And I think this movement is never more important than right now for all us as human beings. Instead of focusing on spending money on Black Friday, Cyber Monday let’s focus on giving gifts that are so much more meaningful.

But Giving Tuesday doesn’t mean you have to give money. You can give your time. You can give your voice. You can donate items lying around your home that are just gathering dust. I know I have a nice pair of barely worn winter boots I’m sure someone needs. You can simply give a helping hand to someone.

What will you give today?

Here are some ways you can give:

Get your flu shot at Walgreens.
Everyone needs a flu shot, right? Well, if you get your flu shot at a life saving vaccine is donated to a child in need through Shot@Life. Health insurance covered my shot and I got the satisfaction of knowing it’s going to help a child. Moms in Africa will walk miles to get vaccines we take for granted.


Pretend you’re moving.
I do this all the time. I go through my house room by room asking the question, “Would I take this if I was moving today?” If the answer is no then I toss it into a bag for charity. Costs you nothing but your time.

Volunteer at a soup kitchen.
I had my kids volunteer at the neighbor hood kitchen. It was a great way to ground them and make them aware of how fortunate they are. They were a bit afraid at first and then realized under that torn, dirty clothing is a human being just down on their luck. And again this costs nothing but time.

Give the gift of a lifetime of smiles with Smile Train.
I was blessed with two healthy children who have grown up into healthy young adults. And I realized that this weekend while sitting on the bike at the gym watching TV. A Smile Train documentary was running and I was reminded how fortunate I was. For children born with cleft palates and their parents the surgery Smile train and the doctors perform is unbelievably life altering not just physically but can also affect their breathing and eating. Not to mention they are often the victims of bullying and isolation. Did you know it only costs $250 to get one child their much-needed surgery? I know $250 seems like a lot but when you think of the result it’s priceless.

So what am I doing today?
I’ll be using my voice to send out a series of tweets to make sure others are aware it’s #GivingTuesday.

How will you give this #GivingTuesday?

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