When Breast Cancer Becomes Part of Your Family History


ID-100106684Breasts. As teens we can’t wait to have them. As mothers we use them to nurse babies. Men have fixations with them. We pad them, push them up and some go as far as surgically enhancing. But how many of us regularly check them for lumps for possible breast cancer?

There are three things that stick out very clear in my mind as dramatic, scary emotional events. One of them is the day my mother called to say she had breast cancer. I was stunned. My mind went blank at first. I said, “OMG!” And then asked the dreaded questions, “Is it malignant?” “Is it in your lymph nodes?”

Yes, it was malignant. But it was early. And she would need surgery. I was devastated for my mother is not only my mom but my go to person and I love her so words cannot convey.

She didn’t want me to come home to be by her side. She refused. So I respected her wishes even though it killed me not to be there. But with something like this I felt she had the right to choose how she dealt with this. But she is a stoic, strong woman and I knew she would get through this. And she did with flying colors and has long since been declared breast cancer free.

One of the things a scare like this does is bring home the fact we all need regular breast exams. I watch that date come around each year and make sure I get mine. And I will stress to my daughter the importance as it is now part of our family history.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. We’ve made great strides in breast cancer research and earlier detection but still too many woman are dying or cutting off their breasts to avoid possible death.

It’s time to get my mammogram. Have you had your mammogram? 


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