Why do we like Pinterest?


Women/moms love Pinterest. In fact, about 80+ percent of Pinterest’s users are female…half have children.


Why do we love it so?


First it’s highly visual. For the most part, the design is clean and the boards being created are clean, colorful and impactful. Moms love cleanliness. LOL! Seriously, we are a sucker for great design when it comes to packaging, product design and Pinterest boards.


Second, Pinterest is inspirational. Just spend a few minutes and you’ll want to drop everything and go bake or make something. Or perhaps be driven to redecorate. As the family nurturers, there’s nothing like some inspiration to fuel our natural born instincts to nest and make the house a home.


Third, the design is simple to use. Make a big note to yourself. Moms love simplicity. We have enough to fill you for days without having to figure out how to use an application or to navigate a site. You will lose us in a heartbeat if you make things complicated. Pinterest is a shining example of simple.


Fourth, you can use Pinterest as an image search engine. Just put in a term and up will pop a plethora of images creating a subject specific Pinterest board and your research is done for you.


Fifth, you don’t have to be a technology genius to understand Pinterest.

Pin – An image added to Pinterest

Repin – Sharing a Pin with the user’s followers

Board – A set of pins usually organized by themes (Travel, Fashion, etc.)

Pin it button – Grabs an image from a website and adds it to one of your “pinboards”



Here are three favorite brand Pinterest boards. And one #fail.



We love the collection of boards for it’s range of how to think about yogurt like the #chobanipowered board or the “Nothing But Good” board


Huggies Baby Shower Planner:

No one would like a board of diapers, which is basically what one of the competitors of Huggies has put up. But Huggies wins with their collection of inspiring baby shower ideas–everything from “Mom’s Diner” to “Rainbow”.



Coach has approached well-known style mavens to connect the brand. Example: “The Sartorialist capturing Coach bags on the street” or fashion blogger, Natalie Joos idea of color as it relates to the color of the collection.



We think it’s safe to say that we all probably owned a Barbie doll. They have been the iconic girl toy for decades. But the Barbie Pinterest boards are boring. They’ve tried to anthropomorphize Barbie and what she would pin if she were human. Yawn.




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