Why Every “Chief Medical Officer” MOM Will Love iTriage










MOMs are the Chief Medical Officers for their families. She is responsible for everyone’s health and the iTriage app is her perfect medical assistant. MOMs love having information and this app is packed full of useful and detailed content– all served up with relevancy when you enable the geo-location functionality. I was blown away by how much information is packed in this app. It’s a definite MUST download.

Look at all the features you’ll find right at your fingertips:

Find doctors: everything from ENTs, dermatologists to even aerospace medicine…there’s a doc for that.

• Check symptoms: click on the image of the human body after choosing the gender and a detailed list of symptoms appears.

• Medications: everything you could every want to know about your family’s medications. Forget a dose? It tells you how to handle it. Overdose, side effects, usage and more is all in the app.

• Procedures: if you’re about to have a medical procedure, this app will costs, videos, advice, help you find doctors for second opinions and even covers possible complications.

 • Hotlines: get access to 911, police, poison control, suicide, domestic abuse and advice hotlines. The advice hotlines are even broken down by different insurance company names.

 • Facilities: urgent care, retail clinics, pharmacies, community centers or home health care. It’s all in there.

 • Health News: this section is not evergreen content, but current information like flu season and what is currently the most researched condition. And it covers everything from health trivia to the lasts medical research as it’s released.

And all of the information is shareable by email, Facebook, Twitter or by text message.

If you have a health app you love, please share it with us. We’d love to add it to MOMentumNation.

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