“Why She Shares” study finds “It’s her altruistic desire.”


We had the pleasure of giving a sneak peak of our latest study with She Speaks at the WIRED store in Times Square.. And now we’re ready to “share” it with our larger audience.

86% of women in our study said finding interesting information makes them want to share. Women want to share because they think they have information that can help others. It is an altruistic desire. Moms are more likely to say they want to inspire change. They want to make a difference in the world, seemingly inspired by their children and wanting to make the world a better place for their kids. Sharing opinions is part of who women are and sharing makes us feel good about ourselves. In the offline world, donating and volunteering are the top reasons she shares.

While social media is the talk of marketing and digital professionals, on a personal level, women by far prefer sharing face-to-face with each other. 89% of women say in-person is one of their favorite ways to share with each other, compared with 67% who like to share via social networking.

Some other interesting findings from the study:
• She doesn’t just use social as a megaphone, she is a listener
• A desire to share is the top reason they start blogging
• She follows about half of the advice that is given (49%)
• Moms interact with 2x more people online
• Email is still the top way she shares followed by social media
• She wants to talk to the CEO and hear from the company, not just get coupons

The full study can be downloaded here.

The online survey was conducted among a random sample of women from the SheSpeaks panel, fielded September 13-15 2011. 3,963 U.S. women participated. The SheSpeaks panel includes women who are socially active, both online and offline.

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