Will Internet Radio Become the New Home Stereo For Moms?


A recent study from Edison Research reported moms listen to the radio. So as much as we are adopting smartphones and technology, we still straddle the fence with some of the more traditional media like good old radio.

Are you surprised? You shouldn’t be. Think about it, moms spend two to three hours a day in the car chauffeuring kids, doing errands, and going to and from work. Not only does she listen to the radio, she also listens to podcasts…and you probably thought podcasts were so yesterday. But moms like podcasts. They’re inexpensive or free and fit her quest for on-going knowledge and a time-crunched lifestyle.

At home, moms are adapting Internet radio like Pandora and Spotify. The social aspects of sharing ideas for new music, seeing what friends are listening to make streaming radio a compelling reason to switch. Internet will become the home stereo.

Music is important to mom. She believes it has an impact on an unborn child and that the child can hear music in the womb. Music affects moods, energy, and emotions. Studies show music has a positive effect on learning with children. I personally used music to help my son memorize long lines for plays by tapping out the words to a beat. Music helps with language development, math, improved grades, and social behavior. Moms also love the nostalgic aspects of introducing her children to songs she used to listen to when she was a child.

So which Internet radio provider do you choose? There are many too choose from and it comes down to a matter of personal taste and functionality.

Pandora and Spotify. are pretty similar in many cases. They both allow you to create stations and have desktop and mobile versions. Their interface designs are dramatically different. It reminds me of the Hootesuite versus Tweetdeck–similar functionality but so different in the simplicity of look and feel. It will come down to a matter of personal taste and usability. Pandora’s interface is much simpler and if you like to skip music, the number of “skips’ you can make of music you don’t like is limited. You’ll need to look at the number of songs in their libraries. Spotify recently added a widget that allows users to add music to their blogs with a simple embed code. The true test will be taking the free versions out for a trial run and seeing what works best for you. But the best part is never having to own music.

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