Will moms love getting coupons through their Facebook News Feed?












What’s the latest thing coming from Facebook? A program called “Offers” is being beta tested where brands will offer you coupons based on fans who “like” their pages. Moms will be able to get the coupon simply by clicking to claim the offer. Moms will then receive an email from Facebook to use to redeem the offer. But unless you adjust your settings, every coupon you clip will send a story that will be posted to your timeline.

But will moms like this new feature?

The News Feed is a great way to scan and see what your friends are up to. Offers suddenly appearing cluttering up the Feed could be considered annoying and potential reason to “unlike” a brand. Each offer someone takes advantage of is one more email in an in box that is already full of emails from brands/companies she subscribes to. And this is asking her to take multiple actions to get the reward and moms are busy and hate it when brands don’t make things easy. Plus moms have favorite sites they use for coupon delivery online that aggregate the coupons all in one handy e-wallet.

But moms do love love coupons especially if the brand gives careful consideration to the relevance, timing and value of the coupon as with any other channel. And if the coupon comes from a brand she’s liked on Facebook.

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  1. I would love to get coupons on Facebook – beats trying to find a specific coupon in a search engine and then clicking on a bunch of sites until I found a coupon that wasn’t expired. I would not like FB announcing on my News Feed that I’m clipping a coupon for a certain product as it’s a little too much information (what if I clipped a coupon for sanitary pads?).

    Bicultural Mama

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