Will owl hand puppets coerce women into eating at Hooters?


Sometimes I just shake my head in disbelief by what gets bought by brands. Wait till you see what Hooters just bought. I’d love to have the powers of persuasion the person has who sold this campaign to Hooters. They probably told them puppets are like babies and dogs/cats are always successful in advertising and marketing campaigns. And I’m amazed a woman directed this one.

Hoping to bring women into the restaurant, Hooters is using owl puppets in their latest campaign along with a new line of salads. Get it? Owls and Hooters? One puppet is a devil and one is an angel.

The lifeguard spot is offensive. A bored lifeguard is shown with the puppets apparently speaking what is on the lifeguard’s mind about the elderly women in the pool and how they look. “I wish I didn’t have big eyes,” says the one owl. As the camera focuses on the old, wrinkly legs of one woman adjusting her bathing suit the other owl says, “I just threw up in my beak.”

I hate this spot.  I don’t know “who” wouldn’t. It’s offensive to elderly women.
No wonder Americans are obsessed with youth and appearances and spend millions on surgeries and products to keep ourselves young. It is campaigns like this keep us looking for the fountain of youth. When I watched this video, the Dove campaign came immediately to mind and how they got it right in their portrayal of women.

When the concept of women with big boobs hanging out of tight tops was created for Hooters, they knew their target audience would be mainly men. Hooters should  wise up and just stick to that concept. They have no clue how to attract women.

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  1. So they’re trying to woo women by insulting a woman in the commercial? Not too bright. You’re right, they should stick to their core competencies.

    Bicultural Mama

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