Will women like this campaign targeting men about their PMS?


Well you must admit it’s an interesting way to get an audience to drink milk. But will women find it funny? The California Milk board has a new campaign, a home for PMS management, targeting the man of the house and the mistakes he makes when a women is having her period. All the tools a man could ever want to get back on better ground with his significant other: a video apology enhancer, a sensitivity vocabulator and even an app to create the perfect puppy dog-eyes so that she will forgive you. Cute.

For women, PMS can a serious issue causing tremendous mood swings, headaches and more. It’s really no joke. How will women take it when a man tells her, “Hey, honey drink some milk, it’s proven to help with PMS?”

Women like facts and science and I couldn’t find anywhere the information regarding the science about milk and how it helps alleviate PMS. If there had been an education component to this coupled with the humor angle being the hook to help men better understands PMS, this would have been a much stronger idea. Women would have applauded the California Milk Board for supporting them and educating men everywhere.

So I asked the opinion of another mom, Rossana Wyatt, who heads Media Relations and Communications for London Celebrates Canada and she said, “This campaign makes light of women and PMS, It portrays women collectively [current global PMS] as totally irrational during this time, offering up apologies and milk to “make” us feel better; completely invalidating the symptoms some women suffer during this time. I showed it to my husband and he didn’t like it either- there might be a wee bit of a backlash on this one.”

So what do you think about this campaign? We’d love to hear your opinion.

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  1. I agree, there should be more of an educational component. Just having the humor component, well, that’s a tactic I feel would appeal more to just guys (maybe a guy came up with the campaign idea).

    Bicultural Mama

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