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Women of United States Forces - IraqReading the papers and listening to the news these last few weeks felt good!

Consider this

Retiring Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta rescinded the prohibition of women in combat. Panetta finally decided the distinction between women “attached” to combat units and “serving” in them is outdated and meaningless. Thanks Leon! It was a long time in coming, but a good move.

Thanks also to New Hampshire’s voters

They made their state the first in the nation’s history to send an all-female delegation to Washington. But there’s more. New Hampshire’s governor is also a woman. As is the chief justice of the State Supreme Court and the speaker of the State House. Rock on, ladies. Do us proud.

Obama also deserves a shout out

His recent appointment of two tough former prosecutors as top regulators of Wall Street included Mary Jo White, the first female U.S. Attorney in Manhattan. White, who’s been called “a force of nature” helped put John Gotti behind bars, supervised the original investigation of Osama Bin Laden, and tenaciously pursued white color crime and Wall Street fraud. You go, girl!

On the international front

The trial of five men charged with the dreadful and violent gang rape and murder of a 23-year-old student on a New Delhi bus has begun in a fast-track, closed courtroom specially designated to handle sexual-assault cases.

The shred of good news resulting from this horrific tragedy was the outrage and protests spilling out across India which finally ignited a long-suppressed debate directed against the epidemic of violence against women. At least for now, while the world looks on, it’s gratifying to see the Indian justice system taking this case extremely seriously.

And there’s Hillary

As for the Benghazi hearings, it was certainly not the finest hour for either Hillary or for members of the Foreign Relations Committee. And, of course, journalists have already started to play the “will-Hillary-run-in-2016” speculation game.

My own unofficial, undocumented, unauthorized tally is that most political pundits believe there’s more than a 50 percent chance she’ll be the first woman candidate for president of the United States. I’m betting that’s more than just speculation. What do you think?


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  1. An overwhelming accounting of positive happenings for women. Now, if we could just convince “the stupid party” that women know more than men about women’s needs and rights, such as birth control, perhaps this could be added to the accomplishments list.

    Salli Snyder

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