Women raise their voices for change…no, to sing.











I always find it interesting to see how companies are trying to reach women. From high-heeled celebrities in kitchens to the Moms in front of mini-vans, we’re often portrayed in stereotypical fashions despite all the focus on marketing to Moms/women and getting it right. So I was a little surprised that Avon was holding a singing contest. It seemed a little trite for a company that focuses on empowerment of women.

Themed “Avon Voices” it conjures up so many possibilities. Women sharing ideas for a more beautiful world, and I’m not talking superficially, but community based or cause related efforts where women raise their collective voices to create change like some of the women you can hear on Ted. Change like Avon has created over the years with their famous breast cancer walk.

Instead they chose a singing competition. Not particularly differentiating in a world full of singing competitions. But if you are the next singing sensation or a budding songwriter, then Avon Voices wants you and women like you for their first and only global competition. You just choose your language or song from the official list of 100 songs and it will be translated into a myriad of nationalities from Croatian, Czech, Hindi, Polish, Spanish and Turkish.

But there is a cause component, but it’s buried in this initiative. Later in 2011, finalists along with Avon Voices celebrities like Fergie will sing and record the Avon Voices Anthem, an original song written by well-known songwriter Diane Warren. And if you want to purchase the Anthem part of the proceeds donated to the Avon Foundation for Women and its Global Campaign to End Violence Against Women and Girls.

Sadly, to date, only 979 videos have been submitted with the most popular having only 15 “likes” and 16 comments. A simple thing like every like, share or comment being a contribution to the Avon Foundation could have exponentially changed the dynamics of this contest. A real time tracker to show how the social sharing features are driving donations might have spurred further engagement. Facebook Connect integration would have allowed contestants and participants to easily invite their social graphs in to vote, share and comment. Oh, so many missed opportunities to have created change.

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