Women Shop for a Competitive Advantage When Ovulating

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ID-100127143Will women actually buy different products when ovulating to give them an edge over other women?

I’m often amazed at the kinds of things universities, organizations and government study. Did you know there has been several research studies initiated that show there is a direct impact on women’s purchase decisions when they are ovulating. The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) and the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management studied the impact ovulation can have on our relationships with other women versus men. They found we change our behavior toward other women and become focused on where we stand versus them, which leads to us buying items we subconsciously perceive will help us outdo the other women.

The research was based on the Dictator Game, a commonly used set of scenarios in behavioral economics (Camerer and Thaler 1995; Kahneman, Knetsch and Thaler 1986). In the game, players are given a fixed amount of money. She is then told to divide it between herself and another person. The “dictator”—can give as much or as little of the money to the other person as she wants. The more the player gives, however, the less money she gets for herself. During ovulation women kept more of the money for themselves when playing against a women. They gave away more when playing against a man.

The research found that ovulating women:
• might be swayed differently based on the gender of the sales person.
• tend to want to enhance their appearance
• seek sexier clothing
• spend more money on appearance-enhancing products
• are more likely to be mean to other women

Particularly when ovulating we dress for other women. It’s not about the best product but getting something better than our female peers–the purse, shoes or clothing. There’s old adage that claims women dress for other women and this certainly supports that theory and puts a whole different light on shopping, doesn’t it?

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