Women’s Heart Health: What You Need to Know


Stethoscope This post was originally published on American Muslim Mom.

Unfortunately, many think cardiovascular health, heart attacks, or anything related to the heart are men-problems. However, numerous studies and have shown that heart health is NOT just a “guy thing” at all. Women need to be concerned about their cardiovascular health as well. In fact, some sources say that heart disease is the #1 killer of women in the United States!

This is a VERY dear subject to me, because I lost my mom suddenly to a massive heart attack. She was what many thought one of the healthiest 64 year old Asian tiny, beautiful women around. No one thought she was over 43 years old…no one dared to tip the 44 or 45 year number, because she looked and sounded THAT young!

She fast walked a mile each day, whether it was raining, sleet, snow, or boiling hot. She ate incredibly healthy, natural…ALL the good stuff! She was what we all believed destined to live the long lives of her family, youngest grandfather as 83 years old. Most of our Asian family members died between 88-98 years old…then, again, all back home. Anyways, one night…1 heart pain…she didn’t make it to the hospital.

The only blessings my family found from her death were these facts I discovered once I reached the hospital and talked to the surgeon:

1. Had she lived, she would’ve been a vegetable, because it was THAT massive a heart attack…and they were trying to revive her for nearly 20 minutes (upon Daddy’s hysterical disbelief)

2. It was her time. It was sudden and so massive, she took her last breathe mostly in peace. She did not suffer long prolonged hardship, pain or suffering like other diseases.

3. She lived a fulfilling life with her partner, Daddy. In the car ride to the hospital, she turned to Daddy saying “Pol, I love you.” Then, tilted her head back for her last breath.

As tears fill up my eyes, it’s best that we turn now to some interesting and typically unknown facts that should help you appreciate how important Heart Health is for Women.

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  1. Thanks for sharing my story Holly. It was you and sharing this month, that finally caused me to write this story…almost 4 years later.

    Women’s heart health should at least get as much as attention to breast cancer, right?

    Ponn Sabra

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