Writing Skills are such an Important Part of Business


ID-10016423Truth is I had visions of being a famous artist. But growing up in a typical middle income family, I could never wrap my head around being the starving artist so I opted for a regular job.  I grew up in the industry as a trained art director, not a writer. But not how things have turned out. Today 90 percent of my time is spent writing something and maybe two percent is giving art direction feedback.

I’m a great believer in writing a blog and participating in social media. And I personally think you should either create and write for the company blog, your own blog or contribute to someone else’s blog on an on-going basis. Despite the intense growth of visualization through photos and video, we still use written words to communicate.

1. It’s a great way to hone your writing skills. The more you write, the better you get and the easier it becomes.

2. It’s an opportunity to show your intellect and thinking that you might not be able to in your current position within the company.

3. Writing keeps you current. Writing often requires research and in the process it keeps you on top of your industry.

4. Writing is a way to build your personal brand online while serving to build your company’s brand. And future employers will search you online before employing you. They will find the content you’ve written.

5. Writing helps you make connections to people who read your articles.

6. Future employers like to see how you present yourself online. It’s gives them insights into who you are before they’ve even met you.

7. Because writing can often show your personality, it’s a great way to showcase yourself to a future employer.

8. Writing on various topics is a great way to show you are well-rounded on several subjects.

9. In many ways, writing is cathartic–a way to get things off your chest. It can be fun and you can show your creativity.

10. Writing can also build your self-confidence through the knowledge you will gain through writing.

What should you write about?
There are so many things you can write about. The ideas are endless. And if you’re ever stuck, ask others to help you brainstorm. You can write about things you are knowledgeable about or use writing as a catalyst to learn about new things.

Here are a few suggestions:
• interview interesting people

• write helpful reviews of products, services or apps you try

• write stories of your experiences

• give tips on various topics

• write about lessons you’ve learned

• how tos are always popular

• co-author a post with a friend(s) to take the pressure off

But start writing! 

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  1. I agree writing is an important part of business (though many in business believe the opposite). I remember I had one boss who wrote with all flowery, long words so what he could have stated in 1 sentence took a whole paragraph. As a result, no one read what he wrote because it just took too much time to get through!

    Bicultural Mama

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