Does A Woman Give Away Her Power If She Cries?

I was watching an episode of Shark Tank the other night when a young woman seeking a deal from a Shark got ...

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Things You Should Know If Dating Boomer Men.

  Online dating is live and well in America with 15 percent of Americans saying they’ve tried it according to Pew Internet. They ...

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Mom Shaming Has To End.

I'm tired of the mom shaming and misuse of social media to do this. Expectations of moms are a bit out of ...

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5 Ways to Add Style to Your Kitchen in One Weekend.

Who hasn’t been there: bored to death by their old kitchen and itching to make even the smallest change? Being tired of ...

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Dog Butt Wipes? Are They Necessary?

Do you clean your dog’s bum? And I’m not talking about during his bath, but on a regular basis. My dog gets ...

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Depriving Your Kids of Internet Is Not A Solution.

Are you one of those paranoid parents that are always worried about their kids’ internet premiere? Well, you definitely ought to be ...

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