It's Okay To Say Vagina Publicly.

My mother would have a coronary before she would ever say the word vagina. She wouldn’t even talk about periods, but instead ...

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Equinox, This Photo Does Not Portray A Healthy Body Image.

  I've been a member of Equinox since they opened their doors 25 years ago. Every morning I get up, throw on my gym ...

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4 Tips for Choosing a Coach for Your Blog Business.

It’s all too common to feel stuck when running a business and particularly when running a blog. With kids, spouses, social obligations, ...

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Taking Back Your Home After Baby.

By Maria Samuels, InStyle Modern Interior Design ExpertBefore you had kids, you probably never realized how much stuff a little baby can ...

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Galette Des Rois– A Perfect Party Hit.

I was recently told about galette des rois, which stands for King Cake. I’d never heard of such a cake. According to ...

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10,000 Characters on Twitter = A 2,000 Word Blog Post

So Twitter is working on launching longer tweets. Maybe 10,000 characters, which amounts to almost 2,000 words making these longer posts more ...

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