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Cutting Through Clutter: Organizing The Bedroom Closet

You start and end your day in your bedroom. It, therefore, goes without saying that keeping it in order is crucial for ...

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Five Pieces Of Advice For Young Professionals Just Starting Out.

  I recently had a very early morning conversation with Kelby Carr, CEO of Type A Conference. In the course of writing back ...

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Generation Alpha: Study Shows Parents Approve Parenting Through AI

There’s no doubt parenting has changed rapidly. LOL! I didn’t even have a smartphone when my kids were little. I did through ...

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More Young Adults Live With Parents Than Ever.

According to a U.S. Census Bureau report one in three young millennials lives at home with their parents. That report showed 24 ...

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How To Avoid Breadcrumbing With Online Dating.

Breadcrumbing. I had no idea that there was a name for the drive-by TBD potential dater who ultimately never comes to fruition. ...

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Can Women Have A Man Whose Just A Friend?

    I’ve been on a couple of dating sites over the past three years. But I had not come across any men looking ...

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