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How To Avoid Breadcrumbing With Online Dating.

Breadcrumbing. I had no idea that there was a name for the drive-by TBD potential dater who ultimately never comes to fruition. ...

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Can Women Have A Man Whose Just A Friend?

I’ve been on a couple of dating sites over the past three years. But I had not come across any men looking ...

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4 Way Parents Can Encourage A Healthy Family Lifestyle

Now more than ever, parents need to lead their children in a healthier lifestyle. Recent statistics from the Center for Disease Control ...

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What To Do When Your Dog/Cat Dies?

My daughter and I have been looking at puppies. It’s not like we need another dog. We have one. But he’s nine ...

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How To Get More Instagram Followers Without Buying Them

Instagram is the social platform du jour. I often forget Facebook, a platform I rarely seem to post on, owns it. And ...

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Four Tips For Protecting Your Kids Skin This Summer

Whether playing with friends at the park, running along the sea shore, or taking part in some other fun outdoor summer activity, ...

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