Fitness Love for Boomers!


Nicki AndersonI’m in love, again. Romance between me and the world of fitness has been reignited. After recently attending IDEA World Fitness Conference, the largest health and fitness conference in the world, I’m giddy with excitement knowing that after years of wondering, where the fitness love is for a boomer, I’ve found it!

For 10 years I was a speaker at this conference, but this year I attended as press. So cool. I was able to learn, mingle and sample new fitness gadgets with no worry of a pending lecture.

In the last few years the fitness industry has been heavily influenced by research touting high intensity exercise as your best defense against extra pounds and aging. I don’t know about you, but this gal has taken a few of those crazy high intensity classes and I left feeling every bit my age.

For those that love the Cross Fit, Insanity, P90X knock yourself out. The beauty of age is wisdom and I know that jumping around as if my knees had brand new shock absorbers is a bad choice. Further, if my wisdom is slow to engage my bladder jumps in and says, “No!” (TMI?)

IMG_1628What I discovered at this conference is although crazy exercise programs are alive and well for those naive enough to think they’re indestructible, there are programs out there for people like me. In the words of Cindy Lauper, “Girls just want to have fun!” And this girl is no exception!

I need to like what I’m doing, and if I’m going to be consistent with exercise it has to have a likeability factor.  If you’re not enjoying what you do, seek out something else. I loathe when someone says, “Walking is for weenies.” When I hear that my impulse is to challenge them to a walk-off, but I stifle myself.

It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you do something every single day, even if its only 15 minutes. Do what you enjoy and embrace the opportunity to connect with your body. As I get older, I find myself participating in activities that make me stronger and more flexible without feeling like I have to compete with kids 20 years my junior.

IMG_1653So keep your eyes peeled for new programs coming your way including indoor SUP training created by Laird Hamilton. I had the unfortunate position of getting a photo with him. Some body has to do it! Cardio Bounce (old school mini tramps amped up) and of course the plethora of dance classes, no coordination required. Well maybe a bit, but you can fake it.

Although I’m a runner, I am we’ll aware of my limitations and at this years fitness conference it seems fitness pros are getting it and offering classes that are not only fun, they’re inspiring and appropriate. What a concept.

What are you doing to keep the fun in your fitness program?


10 Responses to “Fitness Love for Boomers!”

  1. Why stifle yourself when someone says walking is for weenies? Go at ‘em Book Chicka Boomer! And I think Laird was wanting to pinch your hiney. Pretty sure.

  2. I teach SUP near Chicago. So glad to see an indoor option for when the water gets cold.

    • Susan, I had my doubts but with the weighted paddle and unstable board, it was really impressive. Oceanfityoga is where the boards are available.

  3. Love Laird! I have a similar picture from IHRSA, which I got to send to my hubby who used to surf with Laird’s dad.

    I still love my running, but other than that I appreciate a more gentle style of fitness. I think the SUP sounds very cool.

    Interestingly, my post today addresses the TMI portion of your post. It’s a sponsored post, but it gave me a chance to talk about those issues and let women know there are some solutions available.

    Debbie @ Live from La Quinta
  4. We do family taekwondo – not only do we exercise together but I feel like I’m learning a skill while exercising.


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