Halloween is Scary for Kids with OCD or Autism…











Halloween should be fun, but for children who are shy, have small motor skill issues or suffer from OCD, Halloween is a scary holiday. My son was a normal child and requested a Power Ranger for a birthday party. When the Power Ranger showed up, he burst into tears and we had to get the Ranger to leave.

Los Angeles-based, Dr. Jenny Yip, founder, Renewed Freedom Center, specializes in OCD in children as young as 3 years old.

Here are her tips this Halloween:

  • Help your child face her fears head-on. If she’s afraid of the dark, make being in the dark fun. But don’t push it. Make sure you carry a flashlight during Halloween.  Know when to quit.

• Encourage your child to write his fears downs on paper. If he wakes up scared in the middle of the night, tell him to try writing down.

• Adopt a phrase that you and your child can refer to when she’s feeling scared.

A friend shared this reminder on Facebook and I thought it was such an important message for us to remember and share in anticipation of tonight.10246266_10154773578460174_8069505022525445259_n

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