My Road to Health Obsession


KombuchaIt’s really hard to be healthy when you’re a working mother. You’re just too busy taking care of everyone else. So I’m doing it one thing at a time and adding something new once I’ve got the one thing on autopilot. But I’ve decided to get really healthy.

So I started by dropping soda. No more Diet Coke. I was really worried how I was going to get up early to hit the gym or to do work without it. I even had a co-worker hide the few we keep in the office for the boss. Temptation out of sight but not really out of mind. It was really hard. I had a headache for two weeks. And slept like the dead the first weekend I went off it. But it’s going on two months-the longest I’ve ever gone without Diet Coke except when I was pregnant. But I’m over the hump and drinking tons of water that I enhance with drops of Mio or Dasani. Sometimes I even drink it plain. But the Dasani drops gave the water some flavor so it was easier to drop the cola.

I feel so much better.

Next a co-worker and I decided to start taking vitamins. She hates swallowing them and daintily swallows them one by one while I inhale a handful all at once. But the buddy system is working. I’m taking a multi, glucosamine, biotin for hair and nails, but I’m not swallowing any fish oil. Blech! But now I have it down to a routine and rarely miss a day.

I feel really good.

Then I adjusted my workout routines. I’ve had way too many injuries from being a weekend warrior. Now I mix it up and try to make it something de-stressing. I took a three-mile walk with my dog and a friend instead of going to the gym. I met a friend at the gym purposely because she couldn’t do cardio and it forced me to stretch. I hate stretching. I walked to work with a friend, catching up along the way and even pausing to enjoy the fall scenery. It was a wonderful way to start the day. Have I gained weight? Nope. So why was I being such an obsessive gym rat?

And my injuries are healing.

Now a health coach says I need to add drinking “something green” every day. Collective Bias hired her to make sure we all stay healthy, after all millions of dollars are lost from employees and sick days. I have to do a search to find something drinkable near the office and I’ll make it my breakfast. I guess something with kale or spinach. I guess I could experiment at home and buy a juicer and protein powder and craft a “Holly Special.” I love salad and broccoli and brussel sprouts, but drinking liquefied greens kind of grosses me out. So I found this stuff called Kombucha. Little did I know that the stuff is hard core. I chose it because it had very little sugar and it doesn’t taste bad. I even tried the one with the chia seeds in it, but that is going to be an acquired taste. Those floating, jelly-like seeds are not easy to swallow if you have any kind of a gag reflex. But chia seeds are a wonderful source of B vitamins and omega 3′s from what I read.

What’s next?
Not sure. But I can tell you I feel so much better and it’s been worth it.

How do you stay or plan on getting healthy?


4 Responses to “My Road to Health Obsession”

  1. It’s all about baby steps and getting past the myth that you have to kill yourself to get a body you feel good about! Congrats on kicking the Diet Coke habit!

  2. That’s so great you are taking care of your health and you realize what works and what doesn’t. Kombucha – I’ve tasted it, and yeah, it’s an acquired taste. I heard about it from a couple of my super healthy, organic mom friends who are always on the lookout for the latest health foods and then tell their friends about it. That’s the power of the mom network!

    Bicultural Mama
    • It is an acquired taste. I have to give it 2 months before supposedly I will feel the difference. And despite being a health fanatic, I still got sick.

      Holly Pavlika

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